Helper classes

The salhelper module has a raft of classes designed to make SAL usage easier:


Condition ConditionModifier ConditionWaiter

A wrapper around osl::Condition, you construct a new ConditionModifier to start a condition variable, and the destructor sets the condition variable. To wait on the condition variable, you construct a ConditionWaiter (which takes an optional timeout parameter).


Wrapper around the oslModule interface, the function newInstance() initializes the loader, loads the library and call the initialization function. To get the list of initialized API functions call on getApi().


On file systems that use file links, to resolve the file linkage, you use this class - the constructor takes a file status mask, and to fetch the file status (which, if you recall, is how you get things like the filename) you call on fetchFileStatus(rURL, nDepth=128) where the depth is how many times it follows the link (and returns the error E_MULTIHOP if it reaches this limit).


Simple reference counting class, but deprecated in favour of SimpleReferenceObject


Replaces ReferenceObject, however it uses class local new and delete operators to ensure they are called on correctly from within shared libraries that have classes that inherit from it.


Singleton class


A safe implementation of osl::Thread


Helper class for easier manipulation with TimeValue, the times are seconds in UTC since 1st January, 1970.

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